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Thank you for visiting our career page. The driving force of a successful security contract is managed in the employees working at that site. Requiring and upholding a standard of excellence in both operations and security is our mission. We take training and compliance very seriously and retain our employees through that commitment.  We are continually looking for individuals who share those values as well. We fully support and make every effort to hire ex-military men and women who understand the discipline and attentive requirements in the security field. We believe in hiring experienced security professionals, former law enforcement, and military personnel who understand the critical nature of providing security. They are equipped with extensive introductory training combined with continued education to ensure their success. Unparalleled service in the industry has allowed us to achieve client satisfaction and retention.

Job Opportunities

We are always looking for experienced professionals to join our team. Whether you're looking for full time or part time, we would love to hear from you! Xcel strives to hire former military professionals and those with experience in security or law enforcement. Get in contact with us to find what job would fit you!